Financial Communications Support Operations

Production by SAS 70 / SSAE 16 Level II Certified Organization

The SAS 70 / SSAE 16 Type II audit affirms our commitment to maintain sufficient and effective internal controls over the business processes entrusted to us by our clients. In doing so, we provide the assurance they need to meet the changing regulatory environment.

SAS 70 / SSAE 16 is an acronym for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Statement on Auditing Standard (SAS) No. 70, titled "Reports on the Processing of Transactions by Service Organizations". SAS No. 70 defines the professional standards used by a service auditor to assess the internal controls of a service organization and issue a service auditor's report.

  • Good employment practices lead to consistent operational practices
  • Layered physical security protects critical infrastructure and data
  • Reliable and Redundant Cooling Keeps Data and Hardware Safe From Heat and Corruption
  • Clean and Redundant Power Ensures Continuous Uptime
  • Environmental Control Systems monitor moisture, temperature, fire hazards and other threats.
  • Video Monitoring of all critical path functions provides an extra degree of security

1099 & W-2 Processing, Printing & Mailing

PGI's confidential and secure tax form processing solutions keep your sensitive payroll data secure while taking this time consuming headache off your hands!

We will produce, file and store your companies W-2 or 1099 forms so you don't have to.

Form processing requires manpower, time and a detailed knowledge of tax specifications and requirements that change on a yearly basis. By outsourcing this process to PGI you can save on postage, storage and distribution costs - we even provide you with a memory stick or CD for your records.

1098-T College & Student Tax Form Fulfillment

PGI has an exemplary record of providing 1098-T Processing and Reporting to many Colleges and Universities throughout the Educational Community.

  • Complete reporting to all parties, Electronic Filing with IRS
  • First Class Mailing to all Students and an Alpha/Numeric
  • Searchable USB Flash Drive of all data reported to the IRS for the college's permanent records.
  • We provide the highest levels of service.
  • We save your College money over your current expense to process, mail & report.
  • You will not have to change your formats or any processing steps.
  • We can process for a college district or individual college sites.

PGI Communications OutSourcing Fully Completes the Processing, Printing and Mailing Cycle along with the Federal Submission.

PGI's greatest concern is the security and confidentiality of our client's information. Letters of Confidentiality and Non Disclosure agreements underscore our commitment to your security.

Annual Reporting Service Overview

  1. Submit student data via Email or FTP in ASCII Delimited or Fixed Length Formats.
  2. Student data is Formatted, Postal Sorted and Bar-Coded with Cass, Pave and NOCA software.
  3. 1098-T forms are Imaged, Folded, Sealed and prepared for delivery to the US Postal Service.
  4. PGI delivers directly to the business services section of US Post Office for same day mailing.
  5. Variable University and College Information can be imaged at the bottom of each form.
  6. Secure Processing & Printing at SAS 70 / SSAE 16 Level II Facility

1098-T Distribution

Copy A Filed Electronically - Submitted directly to IRS, Sec. 6011(e)(2)(A).
Copy B Mailed First Class to Students via US Postal Service
Copy C Provided to your institution on an Alpha/Numeric Searchable USB Flash Drive.

IRS 1098-T Tuition Statement to Students - Deadline January 31, 2018

Manage, Produce and Mail Statements & Invoices

PGI facilitates the communication and administrative front-end support from the beginning to the end of your project.

Understanding what it takes to run the support operations component of your firm, we can work with you to streamline and improve report processing and printing.

We can take over your critical back-office processing requirements to enable your organization to improve service levels and re-focus your resources. We can manage and produce the printing, imaging, inserting, mailing and postal certifications as well provide personalized & integrated marketing and fulfillment platforms.

Key Personnel Experience & Support

Our experienced industry management team has years of Operating Officer level experience in day-to-day trust management as well as banking, processing, back office functions and developing & maintaining client relationships.

We are among the most efficient, productive and affordable outsourcing organizations in the financial communications field. Our delivered cost to you is largely influenced by the quality & sophistication of our systems, the experience of our programmers and operations staff, continuous investment in the latest print engines and technology and an operating philosophy designed to give our clients a competitive advantage.

All machinery is backed up and processing can be easily shifted to redundant print engines.

Value Added Marketing Services

In this competitive environment, PGI's web-to-print capabilities and fulfillment systems can give your marketing & support teams a competitive advantage.

Control your organization's Brand and Marketing through a simple web-to-print process that enables your team to order and distribute highly effective personalized marketing communications with ease. We can create a one-stop web platform branded specifically for your firm in which marketing, sales and operations staffs can quickly and easily personalize, update and order marketing and transaction pieces that we quickly produce and deliver.

We give your marketing & sales staff the means to standout with superior marketing and brand compliant tools, including special messaging on statements calling attention value-added serves particular to each client.

One to One Integrated Marketing

We help you create cross media marketing campaigns with PURL's - personal web landing pages created for each customer or marketing target. Increase response rates while showcasing you products and services. This value added service cultivates valuable data on your customers!

Adding PURL's to a customer statements & communications give them the opportunity to log onto a personalized website created specifically with them in mind. They can view specialized products that fit their needs while providing you with valuable information to better assess their demands.

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