Custom Labeling Solutions

Custom Label Printing

Our expertise in unique product labeling with flexo, letterpress, offset, digital and silkscreen printing presses, allows us to deliver on even the most unique demands. Our experienced team will guide you through difficult construction and help guide you through the ins and outs of UL/CSA certification.

Premium Custom Labels

PGI is a trusted provider of the most comprehensive array of custom labels for your business. We deliver the craftsmanship, responsive service, innovative techniques, cost structure and quality to give you a competitive advantage. We can do it all, from 12 color foil stamped labels in unique die cut shapes to multi-ply constructions and performance adhesives for every challenge.

Our versatile custom label printing includes:

  • Agency/UL/CSA
  • Instruction/Warning
  • Model/Serial Number
  • Nameplate & Overlays
  • Schematics
  • Variable Barcoding & Serialization
  • Thermal Transfer
  • Domed
  • Wire Identification
  • Wine & Beverage
  • Prime Labeling for Food, Health & Beauty
  • Complex Industrial
  • IRC & Coupon
  • Booklet & Extended Content
  • Security & Tamper-Evident
  • Promotional & Direct Response
  • Polyimide Constructions

Drawing on our deep industry expertise and cutting-edge printing technology, from digital to flexography, offset, letterpress and silkscreen, we’re proud to deliver custom label printing support to our clients. Excelling at product labels is another example of our commitment to end-to-end sourcing and supply chain solutions.

Solving Custom Labeling Problems

At PGI, we’re problem solvers, first and foremost. Customers often come to us with very particular challenges with complex labeling requirements. We’ve built our business to be extremely flexible and responsive to unique customer requests. We put our full resources behind finding solutions to your problems.

Ready to elevate your printing, packaging, and labeling?