Flexible PCBs

Sourcing Flexible PCBs for Superior Electronic Interfaces

Our flexible PCBs (printed circuit boards) are an integral part of PGI's efforts to source superior components and build assemblies that uphold ISO quality and high engineering standards. We're committed to finding the best solution for your user interface products.

Improving User Interface Reliability with Flexible PCBs

PGI’s flexible PCBs, also called flex circuits, make electronic interfaces work with great reliability. Our flex circuits work in tandem with many of our membrane switch and touchscreen products. Flexible PCBs can also be used as component parts on injection molded plastic enclosures and handheld devices.
Our extensive experience in manufacturing and design of complete flex circuit solutions enables us to deliver secure, reliable and cost-efficient circuits that add value and reliability to your device. Select features available for flexible PCBs include:


  • Single Sided & Double-Sided PCBs
  • Multilayer Flex Circuits with plated through holes
  • Rigid Flex PCBs

We have the capability to incorporate additional features to provide added value to your flex PCBs including: all connectors, SMT components, EFI, RFI, ESD shielding solder pins and more.

Solving Flexible PCB Problems

At PGI, we’re problem solvers, first and foremost. Customers often come to us with very particular challenges with their flexible PCB requirements. We’ve built our business to be extremely flexible and responsive to unique customer requests. We put our full resources behind finding solutions to your problems.

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