Trusted Industry Experts and Global Sourcing Specialists

We use our deep industry expertise and vast sourcing experience to provide custom solutions to supply chain challenges for a number of key industries.

Medical Device

Our team of ISO-certified global sourcing specialists provides manufacturing and engineering support to take your device from an idea to a finished product. Whether it’s components, complete product assemblies, packaging and printing, marketing, kitting and fulfillment or all of the above, we have the industry experience to get your device to market faster and more efficiently.

Contract Manufacturers

Our domestic and international reach gives you access to a full range of services, parts and materials. PGI has the capability to service and deliver to all of your locations throughout the world. We welcome Kanban, JIT programs and are happy to plug into your production methods.


From individual components to complex subassemblies and pre-assembled parts, our ISO-certified specialists help your engineering and design teams by drawing on our extensive manufacturing and sourcing experience, leading to higher quality and more efficiency.


We service the Biotech industry with printing, packaging, labeling, fulfillment and backend support. Our dedicated team of global sourcing specialists will provide your company with the support and guidance you need to grow.

Food & Beverage

We provide a full spectrum of printing, packaging, labeling and marketing solutions for the food & beverage industry. PGI has decades of experience producing beer, wine and food labels and packaging. With our strict quality controls, we ensure full compliance with FDA requirements through every step of the supply chain.

Health & Beauty

Our high-quality printing, packaging and labeling services help maintain a polished image for your brand while adhering to all federal regulations. Maintain a stunning brand presence while complying with industry regulations to keep business running smoothly.

We've Taken Our Commitment to Quality to the Next Level

Quality control has been engrained in our process and culture since day one. That's why PGI is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified by the internationally recognized accreditation firm TUV. As global sourcing specialists, we concern ourselves with product quality so you don't have to.


Sourcing Challenges?

We Have Solutions.