Industrial Components & Sub-Assemblies

Industrial Components to Complete Your Product Assemblies

We provide a full range of industrial components and sub-assemblies designed to your exact specifications. Our guidance and expertise help bring your most intricate products to life quickly and efficiently. We bridge the gap between your engineering, marketing and purchasing teams to ensure that our solutions meet all organizational requirements and deliver savings wherever possible.

Medical Device Components

PGI’s rigorous quality standards and industry expertise enable us to deliver components that satisfy the strictest of regulatory requirements. From individual inspection of every unit to inspection in controlled environments, we take every precaution to ensure a dependable and cost-effective solution for your device. Our QA process ensures that your product functions optimally, even within narrow tolerances.

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Die-Cut Components

Our experienced engineers can recommend a wide range of materials and processes for your manufacturing needs. We process raw materials to your exact needs and guide you through every step of the process. We have a wide selection of insulating materials – plus we can convert for all medical OEMs.

Cables & Wiring Harnesses

PGI produces and delivers a full range of cables and wiring harnesses for medical, consumer electronics, automotive, telecommunication and industrial industries. Our expert team can guide you through the development process and deliver the best solution for your unique application.

  • USB Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • RJ11 Cable
  • Medical Cables
  • Automotive Wiring Harnesses
  • Power Cords

Industrial Components & Sub-Assemblies Held to a Higher Standard

PGI prides itself on following ISO protocols and rigorous project management procedures in every area of our business. Our quality standards help you avoid regulatory hang-ups around industrial components and sub-assemblies.

Solving Components & Sub-Assemblies Problems

At PGI, we’re problem solvers, first and foremost. Customers often come to us with very particular challenges with industrial components and sub-assemblies. We’ve built our business to be extremely flexible and responsive to unique customer requests. We put our full resources behind finding solutions to your problems.

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