Kitting & Assembly

Custom Kitting and Assembly Services that Scale with You

We offer custom kitting and assembly solutions from your most basic to your most complex – alleviating the burden from your team so they can focus on what matters most. Our highly trained, ISO-certified team and dedicated kitting facility ensure that every order is handled accurately and efficiently, from small engagements to ongoing operations. With unique capabilities including controlled environment inspection and sterilization preparation, we remain responsive and flexible to adapt our solutions for evolving customer needs – able to scale along with you as your firm grows.

Responsive Solutions to Customer Demands

PGI’s custom kitting and assembly services emerged out of customer demands for solutions that extended our printing and packaging deliverables. Never one to back down from a challenge, we created an entirely new team and developed an onsite kitting facility to satisfy customer demands.

Kitting Services

Our ISO-certified team of specialists are equipped to handle your most precise medical device kitting needs. From meticulous cleaning of products in controlled environments to rigorous inspections of every single unit, PGI provides turnkey kitting solutions.

Assembly Solutions

Regardless where your components come from or where your finished products are heading, we provide efficient, streamlined assembly solutions from parts and components to fulfillment in less time.

Streamline Fulfillment with Turnkey Kitting and Assembly

A true end-to-end supply chain specialist, we coordinate efforts across components sourcing, assembly, kitting, packaging, labeling, fulfillment, shipping and delivery. Think of our custom kitting and assembly support as an extension of our sourcing capabilities. You dream it, we'll source it, assemble it, distribute it and deliver it.

We don't stop at assembly – leverage our kitting & assembly services along with our warehousing and fulfillment capabilities for a complete support solution. Our shipping and delivery solutions offer full traceability from warehouse to recipient thanks to trusted shipping partners in every region around the globe.

Solving Kitting & Assembly Problems

At PGI, we’re problem solvers, first and foremost. Customers often come to us with very particular challenges with kitting and assembly. We’ve built our business to be extremely flexible and responsive to unique customer requests. We put our full resources behind finding solutions to your problems.

Ready for Custom Kitting and Assembly Support? Get Help from the Experts!