Case Studies

Client Success Stories

Every company's needs are different, which is why every solution we develop is customized. Read our latest client success stories for just a few examples of how we can help.

Case Study

Solving a Medical Device Malfunction to Avoid FDA Resubmission

Facing critical malfunctions of their product in the field, a large medical device manufacturer sought our expertise to avoid costly FDA resubmission. PGI came in and eliminated the malfunction by modifying internal processes, despite previous suppliers’ failure to adapt.

Case Study

Custom Fulfillment Program to Distribute Authorization Codes

Software updates for a medical device could only be activated with a unique authorization code provided by the manufacturer. To avoid manual fulfillment by the company, PGI devised a custom software solution that automated the process, enabling us to fully manage fulfillment and free up the customer’s internal resources.

Case Study

Securitizing & Weather-Proofing Parking Meter Keypads

A customer’s electronic parking meters were failing in the field and being vandalized. Working with engineers to improve keypad design, PGI minimized field failures, extended product lifespan and reduced costs.

Case Study

Custom Rubber Bumpers for a Handheld Device

A manufacturer sought to better protect their GPS tracking device from inclement conditions in the field. PGI developed a custom rubber bumper design that safeguarded the device, reduced field failures and delivered a new product with high profit margins.

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