Touch Screens

PGI supplies touch screen solutions at competitive pricing with the highest quality assurance systems, personalized service, on-time delivery and years of expertise.

  • China Pricing - PGI is able to provide factory direct China pricing without the hassle and challenges of sourcing offshore.
  • Highest Quality - PGI utilizes Clean Room manufacturing and rigorous quality control systems. In addition, we quality test every touch screen that leaves our factories.
  • Customization - We produce sizes to meet your every requirement. Our larger engineering and support group can help you customize touch panel constructions to enhance your products
  • performance.
  • PGI also supplies private labeling, sealing & shielding, cabling, compliance engineering, specialized finishes & silk screening and the ability to cut holes with both internal and external routing to custom fit your touch lens.9630

Capacitive Touch Screens

PGI creates capacitive touch screens with both multi-touch and infinite touch solutions. These are perfect for PC's, controllers, cell phones, hand held instruments, e-books & GPS systems.

Surface Capacitive

Projected Capacitive

Projected Capacitive touch screens are a multi-layered construction comprised of two layers of ITO film coated in a diamond pattern and a shielding layer of ITO coating. When the screen is touched a capacitance is generated proportional to the area touched as the finger moves across the screen.

  • Multi-Touch for pinpoint control and ease of use
  • Zoom in, zoom out, rotate and easily control images
  • Slide text and images
  • Drag objects, files and rearrange layouts and windows
  • Long life construction
  • Great optical performance and clarity
  • High Resolution

Single Layer Capacitive

Infinite Touch provides greater and more precise control than multi-touch constructions due to its simplicity of design. User control and enjoyment is greatly enhanced by using a single ITO layer and the capacitive inductive slider principle.

  • Single layer touch works more efficiently processing signals than matrix
  • Less complicated construction translates into lower production costs
  • Increase transmission levels: 89%
  • Stronger anti-interference

Touch Lens

PGI can integrate graphic overlays and touch screens to create a programmable membrane switch. This solution is perfect for all handheld and input terminals, such as mobile phones, GPS, digital cameras and MP3 players.

Touch Lens combines touch panel with graphic overlay to create a durable, versatile touch screen with the ability to shape and route holes and contours.

Touch Lens eliminates the need for glass, making them virtually unbreakable and as durable as your device requires.

Highlights & Benefits:

  • Traditional glass is replaced by Polycarbonate, making the touch screens safe, rugged and durable.
  • Can combine touch screen with tactile buttons.
  • Thinner than standard touch panels - eliminates glass.
  • Increases productivity by reducing device assembly time.
  • Durability far surpasses standard glass touch screens.
  • Ability to cut holes and shapes with bothinternal and external routing.

Resistive Touch Screens (4, 5 & 8 wire)

PGI's resistive touch screens work on almost every touch application. We design and produce resistive touch screens in three principal constructions. This flexibility gives you the option to select the best performance specifications and features with an ideal cost structure. Our engineers can help evaluate your decision path in real time.

2 LAYER - These are most economical construction and will work well in every product. Add in surface treatments for anti-glare, anti-Newton ring & hardened.

3 LAYER - These use ITO glass as bottom layer and as supporting plate. The Lens substrate is soft PET which can be silkscreened, metallic color coated and decorated. These can have esthetic outer shapes or designs and have anti scratch characteristics.

4 LAYER - This builds on the advantages of the 3 layer and uses polycarbonate or chemically strengthened glass as the supporting plate. This is a much stronger or breakresistant construction with only slightly reduced transmission levels.

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