RFID & Scan Barcodes

PGI offers solutions incorporating RFiD enabled and sophisticated Coding systems to help you Track, Authenticate, Fight Counterfeiting, Allow Access, Collect Fees and Transfer Services & Products safely, securely and with the right cost point. PGI has the expertise and equipment to handle all of your requirements for RFiD labels, cards, tickets, tags and custom devices with UHF and HF smart technology. Our advanced presses and converting equipment offer you the flexibility to incorporate RFiD smart tags and Codes in configurations that will work efficiently with your assembly and packaging systems.

RFiD Technology functions as a 2-way communication between a smart tag and a reader. The Tag functions as a transponder and is constructed from an etched antenna with a silicon chip. These can be converted into Labels, Cards, Product Tags, or onto Plastic enclosures and other high value products. Each RFiD is encoded with a unique identifier and message for your products.

Key Applications Include

  • Security and Fraud Prevention
    • Product Identification
    • Foiling Counterfeiting
    • Authentication of High Value Products and Brands
    • Marketing Data and Linkage with Consumers
    • Tracking key in process activities
    • Warranty issues
  • Asset Tracking and Value Chain Tracking
    • In Process goods
    • Inventory
    • Re-Supply operations
    • Warehousing
  • Access Control
    • Tickets and Badges
    • Secure Entry
    • Admittance to Websites, Music and other platforms

QR and Barcodes can be employed in a layered approach with other security, tracking and authentication applications. These individually coded and unique schemes can reference websites which introduce and market your product Brands, authenticate products and provide mobile commerce opportunities.

Let PGI's professionals work with your company to fight against the fast growing fraudulent and counterfeiting practices that threaten your Brand Image and your Margins.

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