Custom Printed Labels

Prime and Packaging Labels

Consumers are attracted to labeling that conveys a distinct message of quality, value and promotion. PGI delivers eye-catching graphics and designs intended to inspire consumers to buy your products. With high quality face stocks, specialized adhesives, a vibrant color palette and a wide range of printing presses & processes we can help you promote, package and differentiate your products. Our Prime labels in both paper and film substrates are cost efficient and can meet your every requirement.

Asset Labels, Tags & Security Seals

Asset labels and tags are used by businesses to track and manage their assets. These labels are affixed to furniture, equipment, computers and other various assets. PGI produces these on white and silver gloss & matte polyesters as well as the more secure and tamper evident Destructible Vinyl and Void pattern polyesters. We can program and add consecutive barcoding in all languages and formats including 2D and QR codes. RFID tags can also be encoded and made part of a security and tracking label.

Cut and Stack Labels

Cut & stack labels are an economical way to decorate most containers for the food & beverage, wine, spirits, automotive and household products industry. PGI offers a variety of cut & stack labels for your decorating needs. We can produce these lithographically as well as all other printing technologies using a wide variety of paper, film & specialty stocks including wet strength, metalized, recycled and all synthetics. We can emboss UV coat, Hot stamp, texture and perform intricate full die cutting.

Domed Labels

Polyurethane Domes present your Branding and Product Image beneath a clear, flexible bubble of urethane that is waterproof, rustproof, scratch, fade, salt, acid, oil, germ and chemical resistant. PGI can produce domed labels in any size, shape or colors. Fade resistant domed decals can decorate your mobile and outdoor products and can be affixed with strong adhesives.

Food and Beverage Labels

Research shows that if customers reach for a product, they'll most likely buy it. Your food and beverage labels should differentiate your products. Getting the right label for the right environment and application is where PGI's expertise comes into play. From paper, film, ultra clear "no-look" labels or premium custom wine labels printed on unique papers like Estate® stocks, PGI will professionally guide you. Our Digital printing technologies can deliver big savings for applications requiring full color labels with a large number of SKUs. We also have Freezer Grade adhesives and Moisture / Waterproof labels. Key decorating skills like Foils, Embossing and Hot Stamping can generate large impacts.

Wine Labels - Traditional and Digital - Security Features

Serving some of the largest wineries to the smaller exclusive wineries PGI understands and recognizes the importance of a well designed wine bottle label being supported by crisp meticulous printing. PGI premium wine labels on a HP Indigo digital label presses, high-end Flexographic presses, Offset Presses and Rotary Silkscreening.. Printing is done on textured Estate® stocks, Linens, Classic Laid and Silver or Gold materials. Foil stamping, embossing and unique custom color matches are all available. Labels are produced on rolls for automatic application and can be combined with poly-craft liners to keep high speed applicators running smoothly. We also deliver Cut & Stack labels for the glue applied applications.

Security features can be layered into each process and design to provide effective overt and covert protections. RFID tags can be applied strategically. Variable imaging and data capability can make every label unique

See many more features for Security, Wine Remind back label tabs and Tiered Raised Printing in our PGI Wine Labeling site.,

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