Security and Tamper Evident Labels

Every enterprise is concerned with preserving the Brand Integrity and functionality. PGI offers security solutions that prevent counterfeiting, tampering and theft. PGI will work with your to provide totals solutions.

Authenticity Protection

PGI provides an extensive set of authenticity solutions for all product categories. Our solutions will authenticate and protect your products. Let us help you fight against piracy and counterfeiting with our proven solutions

  • Color Shifting Inks
  • Holography
  • Microtext
  • UV Additives
  • Embedded Security Stripes
  • IR Additives
  • Thermo-Chromatic Inks

Tamper Evidence

PGI offers combined solutions to produce sophisticate tamper-evident solutions for all your applications Product protections include

  • Optical Thin Films that fracture and reveal a hidden layer exposing tampering
  • Tamper Evident Adhesives that reveal any tampering
  • Water Indicating Labels that reveal an immersion in water

Track and Trace

Track and trace technologies protect reach across your value chain by identifying your products locations at any point. Utilizing barcoding and numbering systems for database solutions unique codes track each product via web-enabled solutions. See also PGI's RFiD solution

RFiD Solutions and Systems

PGI delivers market leading RFID labels, cards and tickets using UHF and HF smart chips with the expertise and equipment to handle your requirements. Servo driven presses and inlay converting equipment produce smart labels and cards in a wide variety of configurations for every security and tracking application. We can produce on or off pitch insertions registered to your graphics, multiple layered constructions and patterned adhesives to meet your needs.

PGI RFID products include:

  • Health Care and Medical Device Information and Tracking
  • Secured and Regulatory Compliant Operations
  • Ticketing in Transit, Events and Parks Applications
  • High dollar value Consumer Durable Authentication & Protection
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