BL Film Backlighting Solution

PGI has perfected the process to backlight Membrane Switches & Rubber Keypads  - BL Film Backlighting System.


Our BL Film Solution overcomes the drawbacks with existing approaches and provides low cost backlighting for Membrane Switches & Rubber keypads.

PGI BL Film Solution backlighting creates durable illumination that allows for more flexibility in design. Our low cost solution saves time, money and energy while opening the doors for more complex designs.

Existing backlighting methods such as fiber optics, electroluminescent & metal domes with holes create challenges and headaches at high cost. Each of these limited options are costly to manufacture, time intensive to produce & yielded inconsistent lighting.


  • Low cost
  • Even light distribution - No hotspots or uneven light diffusion
  • Durable construction with long life span
  • Design flexibility allows for more ingenuity, colors & patterns within a single layer
  • Easy to Design   - PGI Engineers are ready to assist!
  • Multiple Colors Available
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy to use on any membrane switch or rubber keypad
  • No additional components - Backlighting circuitry terminates through the tail
  • Not limited to membrane switches & keypads... bring us your creative problem!
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