Die Cut Components

PGI is a key supplier of Precision Die Cut Components Medical and Electronic components and their Sub Assemblies. We fabricate and help design die cut components for Insulating, Shielding, Cushioning and Mounting applications for all Pressure and Non-Pressure sensitive adhesive products. Principal product categories include:

  • Gaskets Shielding
  • Adhesives
  • Spacers
  • Insulators
  • Tapes

Electronic Components

Our experienced engineers have developed to fabricate and assemble many of today's most difficult materials and devised multi-laminations to meet almost every design specifications PGI offers a large, all inclusive selection of cost effective insulating materials. We can help you with Production Efficiencies such as die cutting for auto dispensing and component delivery systems.

Medical Components

FDA registered converter for all medical OEMS with custom fabricating of Skin Contact, Hypoallergenic medical wound care devices, disposables and diagnostic substrates and adhesives. We can help you solve your more challenging material requirements with an economical cost structure in films, foams, non-wovens, hydrocolloids, foils and gels.

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