Precision Machining and Die Castings

PGI's Precision Machining operations and Mechanical engineers help you Form, Machine, Cast, Stamp, Forge and Process the many key metal parts and components essential to your products. We produce these with great attention to Quality, excellent economics and reliable delivery commitments.

PGI delivers defect free, complex, critical Precision Machined parts and components and assemblies. Machine cells, efficient material and process flows streamline our operations to give you reduced cost parts with faster production cycles. Our Finishing operations from Plating to Anodizing complete your parts into ready to assemble components. We serve all major product markets and ship worldwide. PGI factories employ only the finest machine tools and skilled craftsmen working on 3-4-5 Axis centers. We work with almost every metal & hybrid stocks including aluminum, stainless, cold-rolled, titanium, copper and alloy stocks.

PGI offers you a single source for engineered Die Castings together with engineering resources, advanced production capabilities and complete secondary finishing. We supply high quality aluminum, zinc, brass and magnesium die castings. We can improve your quality through:

  • Better dimensional control
  • Cross parting line tolerances
  • Reduction in gas porosity
  • Better balance in rotating parts
  • Effective alloy modification
  • smaller grain size microstructure

Post finishing activities include blasting, plating, painting, printing, anodizing and precision machining.

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